KIVLO, originally a small family-owned door hardware business in New York, expanded into its production line in 2021 By 2022, the company reached a pivotal moment: they aimed to launch an online store and elevate their marketing efforts. However, they have faced challenges with maintaining consistency in their brand visuals on all touchpoints. I was able to help them to rethink their strategy and do a total brand overhaul.
The revamped brand identity successfully positioned KIVLO as a high-grade hardware producer, elevating its brand image and setting it apart from competitors. The clean and sophisticated design resonated with customers, reinforcing their perception of KIVLO as a trusted name in premium door hardware. As a result, KIVLO experienced increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and market share within the industry.


I have developed a Brand Identity based on their quality product and the treatment of their products.

When you see someone that takes pride in his work and pays attention to every detail until they reach perfection, you know that you have met an artist of his craft. Guys at KIVLO are treating their Door hardware as a piece of jewelry, adding crystal and precious wood to their pieces that already look awesome. I have embedded their passion into their Brand Identity with a Tagline and Slogan

“We couldn’t be happier with the brand identity overhaul done by Nikola. He truly captured the essence of our brand and transformed it into something that exceeded our expectations. Our new identity has elevated our brand to a new level of excellence, and we’re excited to see where it takes us in the future.”