Stone Quarry Tvrdici is a marble quarry located in western Serbia. A stone Quarry extracting autochthonous marble named PLAVI TOK was owned by the government before Yugoslav brakeup in the ’90 . Unique in the world by its color shade and texture, PLAVI TOK was used to build a lot of Governmental Buildings in the ’70 and ’80 but also was quite popular in the whole European Region before the Yugoslav wars. Sadly in the ’90 the quarry bankrupted and was closed to be sold to the private owners many years later.

I was asked to help to produce a unique brand identity for the marble in their quarry, that will make them stand out on the world market but also return some of the old glory of the PLAVI TOK MARBLE. I visited the quarry and learned a lot about the marble, seen the extraction process and finishing. It was awesome! I have created a logo inspired by the look of the Stone quarry.

We have used photos from my visit to the quarry to produce sales brochures and other collaterals.

Date: December 3, 2021

Category: Art direction, Brand Identity, Brochure, Logo, Print AD